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BreadHead Nation

There's nothing we love more than our BreadHeads. Join BreadHead Nation for awesome gear, recipes, giveaways, and other cool stuff.


BreadHead Nation

There's nothing we love more than our BreadHeads. Join BreadHead Nation for awesome gear, recipes, giveaways, and other cool stuff.

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Meet Obie, our BreadHead of the Month

Meet Obie, our BreadHead of the month hailing from Hayward, California! Here's what Obie had to say about about his journey into the world of nutrition, fitness, bodybuilding and beyond:

"Born and raised in Guam, I am Filipino and I was active duty with the U.S. Marine Marine Corps as a Huey and Cobra mechanic at HMLA-169 from 2009-2015 and I began my journey in the nutrition, fitness and bodybuilding industry full time after my term was finished. At the age of 16 I was doing MMA at a local gym in Hayward, CA and fitness training with RSS Oakland for the military. Bodybuilding came in after I encountered the art of power lifting during my time in Afghanistan and moved more towards just bodybuilding because I injured myself too many times moving too much weight at once. Yes I was a full blown ego lifter... I am now a mechanic with Rolls-Royce, rebuilding Osprey/V-22 and C-130 Turbo Shaft engines. I eat 5 times a day and go to the gym at least 5 times a week. I am also building a marketing business and a fitness brand which will be ready by the end of next year!"

Wow, Obie — quite a journey you've had so far. We wish you the best of luck with your latest endeavors!

1. What’s your favorite DKB flavor and why?

21 Whole Grains and Seeds was my first and now my only flavor, considering it is so easy to find at Costco whenever I go shopping for gold, and by gold I mean FOOD. The package also screams GAINS at you with this monstrous 5g of protein, 5g of fiber, 250mg of omega-3 and best of all, the neglected child of the group... WHOLE GRAINS. Like anyone else who is into fitness and/or bodybuilding, should know that this is vital to everyday nutrition. I mean 22g per slice means you can eat 2 slices and meet your macros based off a 2000 calorie daily diet. I eat at least 4 slices everyday considering I go to the gym 3-4 hours and eat 5 times a day. This so called bread which has been bestowed upon me by the gods, has helped me meet a sufficient intake of foods of which my body requires everyday to perform like a beast. BEST OF ALL? THERE IS A MAN SHREDDING A MIGHTY AX ON THE PACKAGE with his magnificent mustasche and glorious long hair, to his bulging biceps and freaky forearm. My man DAVE has got it all!

2. Do you have a favorite recipe using DKB?

I enjoy creating my Triple Double Grilled Cheese Breakfast Stacker, which consists of 2 Large Eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites with seasoning, 1/4 Cup Shredded Monterrey Jack, 1/4 Cup Shredded Mild Cheddar, Lightly Steamed Spinach 10-15 leaflets, stuffed in and out and all over 3 slices of Dave's KILLER Bread.

3.  If you could have superhero powers, what would they be?

There are lots of superheros with superpowers in this world as it is! So many in different shapes and sizes, we are just too busy to realize how much of a superhero we all are for other people we care about. My superhero power would be to reveal the superhero power that everyone has in them to make other people they love and care about happy, but most of all make themselves happy! Oh wait lol I already have that superhero power! BOOM! Mic Drop!

4. What adjectives would your best friend use to describe you?

Compassionate of others, clever, a family man, diligent, unselfish, safe guard, humble are words straight from my Wonder Wifey.

5. Have you ever been in a food fight?

Unfortunately I have never been in a food fight, although if everyone at DKB would be willing enough to put together a huge food fight with everyone who has never been in one I would gladly be willing to participate!

This is what my lady bought me and why I have so much energy!!

A post shared by O'Brien "Obie" De Nieva (@obie_tv) on

  • Slipknot - Sic

  • E-40 - Puttin In Work

  • Sammy Johnson - Hey

  • Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just Dance

  • Huey Lewis & The News & Gwyneth Paltrow - Cruisin'

How do I become BreadHead of the Month, you ask?

  • Want to be BreadHead of the month and win a FREE DKB Gift Pack (T-shirt, hat, sticker, tote bag and free bread)!?!? Share your love for DKB via photo and comment on Facebook or Instagram! 

  • The first week of each month we’ll select a BreadHead of the Month from the previous month’s posts on Facebook or Instagram. You will be notified by Facebook or Instagram comment and asked to submit a photo and answers to our 5 fun questions. By submitting your photo, you authorize Dave's Killer Bread to use your likeness on BreadHead of the Month features on our website, in social media and in our newsletter.

  • You will receive your prize shortly after you are featured.


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