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There's nothing we love more than our BreadHeads. Join BreadHead Nation for awesome gear, recipes, giveaways, and other cool stuff.


BreadHead Nation

There's nothing we love more than our BreadHeads. Join BreadHead Nation for awesome gear, recipes, giveaways, and other cool stuff.

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Meet Eric, our BreadHead of the Month

  • No One to Depend On – Santana
  • Loose Change – Neil Young with Crazy Horse
  • Freedom – George Michael
  • Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
  • Homegrown – Neil Young and Crazy Horse live at Farm Aid 1986

Meet Eric Richter, our BreadHead of the month hailing from Cummings, GA. Here's what Eric had to say about his appreciation for good food:

"In 1999 at the behest of my beautiful wife we began “prepping” for the looming Y2K. Included in our stash were barrels of wheat berries. That’s barrels not bowls. As normal life continued on January 1st we found that we had a lot of bread baking to do.  Thank goodness for the wheat mill her mother gave us. It’s been a lot of whole wheat everything ever since. I really thought I made the best bread.

In my youth and as a bachelor I was pretty much a finicky meat and potato man. But the love of my life was also an accomplished home chef. Between her cooking and later with employment in the restaurant industry my pallet broadened, big time. Then years later I became an adult-onset runner. Not just a passing fad but a passion.  And along with this lifestyle change came an entirely new appreciation for whole, good food!"

Wow, Eric — with great food playing such a big role in your life, we're honored to have you as a BreadHead!


1. What’s your favorite DKB flavor and why?

Powerseed. I’m not exaggerating I can almost drool thinking about it.  While my old homemade bread machine whole wheat bread was good, Powerseed blew-up the standard. I don’t think there’s a food in the world that has both the goodness for your body plus that mouthwatering flavor. What a blessing to be able to nourish ourselves with this bread. It’s simply the best. DKB 21 Grain was the first I tried and I thought it was everything a bread should be. But then came Powerseed.  

2. Do you have a favorite recipe using DKB?

I’m sorry but this may sound pretty boring. Toasted Powerseed and butter. Not just any butter but something like Kerrygold pure Irish butter from grass-fed cows. My wife has banned me from buying this but I’ll still sneak it home. I could have worse addictions right? After that I’d say peanut butter and jelly or even a good old salami sandwich.

3.  If you could have superhero powers, what would they be?

The power to heal. Sorry, too Christ-like? Then I’d want to be able to fly (and become invisible). I’d make semi-regular trips to where DKB bread is made. Can you IMAGINE snatching a loaf of hot out-of-the-oven DKB bread and then slicing and buttering it?? This is something I’ve not experienced.  

4. What adjectives would your best friend use to describe you?

Sweet, loving, devoted...

5. Have you ever been in a food fight?

Yes, and it was at a formal dinner awards ceremony for a large international company. We were all very board and the hard white little bread rolls became bombs. Alcohol was involved.

How do I become BreadHead of the Month, you ask?

  • Want to be BreadHead of the month and win a FREE DKB Gift Pack (T-shirt, hat, sticker, tote bag and free bread)!?!? Share your love for DKB via photo and comment on Facebook or Instagram! 

  • The first week of each month we’ll select a BreadHead of the Month from the previous month’s posts on Facebook or Instagram. You will be notified by Facebook or Instagram comment and asked to submit a photo and answers to our 5 fun questions. By submitting your photo, you authorize Dave's Killer Bread to use your likeness on BreadHead of the Month features on our website, in social media and in our newsletter.

  • You will receive your prize shortly after you are featured.


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