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Bread FAQ

Q: Which stores sell Dave's Killer Bread in my area?
A: Head over to our Store Locator to find a store near you!

Q: Why doesn't my store carry all of the varieties of Dave's Killer Bread?
A: Many stores choose to carry only a certain number of our varieties (good examples of this are Costco and WinCo), while other stores choose to carry our whole line. If you want your store to carry more varieties of DKB, fill out a comment card or speak to a manager and let them know which varieties you would like the store to carry. Most stores take customer feedback like this very seriously and your effort can help us get additional shelf space for more breads! Thanks for your support.

Q: How should I store my bread?
A: The best way to store your bread is on your counter or in a bread box at room temperature. Take care to keep your bread away from sunlight, heat, and high moisture levels, they can cause the bread to mold early. Yuck! To store bread for extended amounts of time (up to three months), put a second bag around the original bag, seal it tightly, and place it in your freezer. Thaw slices as you need them. Storing bread in the refrigerator will keep your loaf from molding; however it may also dry out your bread. We recommend freezing bread if you can't possibly eat  it all, but good luck with that.

Q: Why doesn't the bread mold?
A: The organic dried cane syrup (sugar) and organic cultured wheat are natural ways that help keep our bread from molding quickly. Also, we go to great lengths to ensure that our facility is free of any airborne contaminants that can cause mold. Finally, we strive to make sure that loaves of DKB are sold as fresh as possible off the grocery store shelf to give you the most time to enjoy it at home. We do not use any artificial or chemical preservatives.

Q: Do your products contain peanuts or tree nuts?
A: Our breads do not contain tree nuts. However, some may be manufactured in a facility that produces products containing tree nuts. Although we thoroughly clean our production lines to prevent any cross contact, we are unable to guarantee that no trace amounts of tree nuts may remain on the lines.

Our bagels and English muffins do not contain tree nuts, and are not manufactured in a facility that produces products containing tree nuts.

Our breads, bagels and English muffins do not contain peanuts, and they are not manufactured in a facility that produces products containing peanuts.

Q: Are your products vegan?
A: Only our Honey Oats & Flax bread is not considered vegan, as it contains organic honey. All other DKB products do not contain animal products and are considered vegan.

Q: Do you make a gluten-free bread?
A: We do not currently make any gluten-free products. It's really hard to get a gluten-free bread to match our high standards for killer taste and texture (we're trying!). 

Q: Do your products contain any genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients?
A: Our breads are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture and part of being organic is not using any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We do not use any GMOs in our products, and are committed to keeping GMO ingredients out of all future products. We're also Non-GMO Project Verified. We always have been and always will be GMO free.

Q: What does USDA Organic mean?
A: USDA Certified Organic products are regulated and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. To achieve the USDA certification, our breads are made using ingredients that at no time come into contact with chemicals (such as pesticides or artificial fertilizers), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or anything that was processed using ionizing radiation or contains food additives.

Company FAQ

Q: Do you offer bakery tours?
A: We do not offer public tours of our bakery at this time.

Q: Where can I apply for a job?
A: You can find information about jobs at DKB on our Careers page. Good luck!

Q: Do you hire people with felony convictions?

A: Yes. We believe that everyone is capable of greatness, and we have seen firsthand the powerful transformation that is possible when someone is given a second chance. We hire Second Chance candidates who are ready for positive lasting change in their lives. Our goal is to serve as an example to other employers that hiring people with criminal backgrounds can strengthen not only their workforce and company culture, but their local communities as well. 

Q: Where can I buy a DKB t-shirt?
A: If you're local to the Portland area, stop by The Healthy Breadstore here at Killer Breadquarters to find DKB gear. BreadHead from afar? Check out our online DKB Merchandise store! 

Q: Is Dave real?
A: Yes! Dave of Dave's Killer Bread is Dave Dahl - he grew up working in his family's bakery, but his struggles with depression and addiction led him to a series of crime, where he ended up serving 15 years in prison. After receiving early release, he came back to the bakery and invented what's now Dave's Killer Bread.