You probably already know that bees make honey. That’s a no brainer, and honey is delicious! But did you also know that bees help to pollinate billions of dollars’ worth of produce, flowers, and other crops every year? Without healthy bees, the produce section of your local grocery store would be much emptier. It has even been estimated that one in three bites of food is brought to us courtesy of bees (and other pollinators!)

In the past decade, bees have been dying off by the millions due to a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder where worker bees disappear and leave a queen and immature bees behind, eventually leading to the collapse of the hive. The cause of Colony Collapse Disorder is unclear, but research into the problem, as well as a solution, are imperative to help save the bees.

Dave's Killer Bread and Save the Bee

GloryBee®, the honey producer that provides Dave’s Killer Bread® with the honey for Honey Oats & Flax, began the Save the Bee™ program in 2012 with the sole purpose of supporting organizations dedicated to saving the honey bee and combating colony collapse issues. Their goal is to increase awareness on the role and impact honey bees have on a healthy food supply, as well as assist the Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab procure $500,000 annually, expanding research to improve honey bee health and nutrition resulting in increased survival rates. 

We are working with the Save the Bee™ program, and YOU can help (and be entered to win a killer prize!). Find out more at daveskillerbread.com/bees. You can also help by planting wildflowers that provide nutrition and nourishment for the honey bees, and always avoid using harmful chemicals and pesticides in your yard and on your plants. To learn more about Save the Bee™, or to make a donation to the organization, please visit glorybee.com/savethebee.