At Dave’s Killer Bread, we have witnessed the power of Second Chance Employment: hiring those who have a criminal background, and are ready to change their lives for the better. It gives people a second chance not only to make a living, but make a life.

Without employment opportunities, those with criminal backgrounds often resort to the only life they know — a life of crime. We want to change that. We started the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation, which helps get other businesses to do what we do, and the Second Chance Project to invite others express their support – or submit a personal story.


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The Dave's Killer Bread Foundation was created to power Second Chance Employment. A lack of information or understanding about employing people with criminal backgrounds can make businesses hesitant to explore this option, and we're here to change that. We believe that in the long term, Second Chance Employment has the power to reduce the negative impact of recidivism in America, and we work to educate organizations on the importance of employing this part of our population. Find out more at dkbfoundation.org.


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The Second Chance Project exists to change the stigma around those with a criminal history and demonstrate that Second Chance Employment is powerful, one voice at a time. Please visit today to share your story if you’re a recipient of Second Chance Employment or want to share your support. Visit secondchanceproject.com.


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