Our Story

After spending 15 years in prison, Dave Dahl found an opportunity to reinvent himself in the most unlikely of places: the family bakery. Dave set out to bake the best-tasting, most nutritious organic bread, period. What began as one man's journey has turned into so much more. At Dave's Killer Bread, we relentlessly strive to make a difference in everything we do — for our customers, our employees and our community.

Born into a family bakery, Dave Dahl grew up watching his father work hard to create innovative and healthy breads. Resentful and unappreciative of his father’s accomplishments, he turned to the dangerous life of drugs and crime. He was arrested for numerous violations including drug possession and distribution, burglary, assault, and armed robbery, eventually landing him in state prison for a total of 15 years. During his last sentence, he realized that his path was one of destruction. With a newfound desire to make a positive impact in the world, Dave returned to the family business.

Upon his return to the family bakery, Dave was determined to prove his worth and be a part of the company that his family had built. He worked tirelessly to develop the highest quality, best tasting breads imaginable using only the finest ingredients. Once the public got their first taste of “Dave’s Killer Bread” in 2005, it became an instant success. Since then, the company has grown from 30 employees to nearly 300 (one third of which are ex-cons), and has received multiple awards recognizing the positive contributions it has made to the community. Now a successful baker, Dave has never forgotten the path that led him to where he is today, and is continually working to help inspire others with his story of transformation.