Our Vision

To always awe by delivering a 'killer' experience.

Our Mission

To reset the bar in every category we play in by delivering the highest quality, healthiest and best tasting killer products in the marketplace.

Our Values


We bake boldly. We rise to every challenge and we are not afraid to go a different way, our way.


We don't compromise, we don't settle, we don't give up until we have 'killed it' in everything we do, from the best quality ingredients to the healthiest, tastiest, most nutritious products that delight our consumers. We believe we can always do better.


We believe everyone is capable of greatness and sometimes needs a helping hand. We believe in the power of reinvention, and turning second chances into lasting change.


We cannot succeed alone. From our production floors to our retailers to our manufacturing partners, everything we do starts and ends with our partners.


We actively stand up and speak up for what we believe in and champion doing the right thing. From our employees, to our communities to our environment - we continually strive to make a difference and effect positive change.

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Work Life at DKB

We're bakers on a mission — A mission to make the Best Bread in the Universe. But, we're also a group of more than 300 talented and diverse individuals committed to making a difference in the bread industry, at our BreadQuarters, and in the communities we are part of. Most importantly, we love what we do! Some perks of working at Dave's Killer Bread include:

  • Competitive pay & benefits
  • Advancement opportunities
  • A second chance for individuals with criminal backgrounds
  • Free bread
  • Free employee partner café (including free lunch!)
  • Mentoring programs & leadership training
  • Gym membership discounts

Our World BreadQuarters are located in Milwaukie, OR - about 10 minutes outside downtown Portland.

"Working here at DKB means stability, dedication to excellence, & partnership."

–Sheretta, Wrap

"At DKB, the employees truly motivate me. The stories that I hear about the incredible obstacles that some of our employees have overcome are nothing short of amazing."

–Rachael, Finance

"I’m productive, I’m happy, and for the first time in a long time, my goals are within reach! I can finally support a family! I can save money and pay bills! Seems mundane, but I wasn’t able to for so long. Reaching out and doing my best to help other people in the company grow is a great motivator as well. At DKB, I always feel challenged to be the best I can be."

–Jimmy, Ovens